About Us


With over 50 years of experience, Cadillac Services is a family-owned business
and the leading uniform rental and laundry service provider in Puerto Rico.

At Cadillac we go beyond industrial laundry care services. No matter the industry you serve,
company size or specialized need, our highly qualified personnel, advanced technology and
experience will always provide the best in uniforms, supplies, and sanitary needs.


We understand the demanding needs of your business - be it compliance, inventory,
emergency needs and availability.


Cadillac Services is the only
company in Puerto Rico certified with:

Inventory tracking

Our advanced tracking systems includes individually chipped uniforms that
helps you maintain control of your employee needs, and allows us to follow
every uniform from pick up to delivery, throughout the laundering process.

Our Philosophy


Provide the most complete and advanced uniform rental
and laundry service in Puerto Rico.


To establish Cadillac Services as the premier supplier of industrial laundered
textiles in Puerto Rico, while preserving our attention to detail, efficiency,
and company values to better serve our customers.

Core Values

Customer Centric



Norman Shulevitz founded Cadillac in Detroit,
Michigan in 1925 to provide uniform rental and
industrial laundry services to a variety of business.

An industry leader was born in Bayamón, Puerto Rico. The
Puerto Rico Industrial Development Company wanted Cadillac
Services — then Cadillac Uniform & Linen Supply — to begin
uniform manufacturing operations and provide services to the
growing industrial base on the island. We opened our doors
with 10 service routes and 100 employees.



Cadillac Uniform & Linen Supply grew with the
creation of its new branch, Cadillac Clean Room
Services, a service mainly requested by the
pharmaceutical industry.

Cadillac rebuilt its facilities with state of the art equipment
and backup systems under the toughest building codes.



The first 15-chamber continuous batch washer system
on the island of Puerto Rico is installed by Cadillac.

Cadillac installed the first Mangle iron in Puerto Rico (the
second in the world), capable of processing and ironing the
work of four machines at the same time.



Cadillac advanced its technology by giving
40 Service Representatives handheld computers
to minimize the use of paper and mistakes, and
increase precision and ease.

Cadillac anticipated the hotel and tourism industry needs,
and embarked on doubling its processing capacity
to 1,000,000 pounds a week.



Cadillac installed a machine that folds uniform and can be
adjusted to other garments. It’s the first of its kind in Puerto Rico.

Cadillac received the ISO 9001 certificate, which
guarantees a sterilized laundry service to wash
uniforms from the pharmaceutical industry.



To effectively manage our rental linen and bring
the customer with the accurate soil counts, Cadillac
installed Colmac’s Automated Soil Counting Machine.

Cadillac installed the first automated RFID (Radio Frequency
Identification) scanning tunnel for industrial garments in Puerto
Rico to help manage its traditional industrial uniform program.



Cadillac installed its second 15-chamber
continuous batch washer system.

Cadillac received the Healthcare
Hygienically Clean Certificate from the TRSA.



We celebrated 50 years of Cadillac Uniform
and Linen Supply!

Cadillac uniform rebuilt its facilities, from our main
offices to the warehouses.



After creating a legacy as the best uniform rental and
industrial laundry service provider in the Caribbean, we
launched our new image and name, now going as
Cadillac Services.